Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Manly, Sydney Australia.

This is the promised entry from this previous one. Anyway, it was already day 10 in Aussie land. Physically, I was a bit tired and my feet were hurting terribly the past 2 days... unlike the ever-hyperactive En. Arip who maintained his "youthful" strength... huhu

Yeah, we slept late most of the nights there. En Arip's philosophy (in everything!) - Start early in the morning, and do it till late evening...Mentally, I was very happy... physically, was just a bit tired...

To me, if u go to Sydney, u must go to Manly for souvenir shopping and the beach, although Gold Coast is still number one for the best 'shopping and beach' in Australia... Having said that, here are some pictures taken on that day, during our time in Manly...

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The view from ferry wharf 3. Our ferry was exactly like that one in this pic.

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And the weather was so great!

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Yeah, I have used this pic before, but I really like the natural lens flare, and the silhoutte... The ferry journey to Manly took about half an hour. Take the Jetcat if you want to halve the time...

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After 30 minutes, we reached The Corso in Manly... The souvenirs here were freaking cheap!

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The main street...

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En Arip went missing for a while, and re-appeared with the luggage he bought to carry the items we were gonna get... huhu

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Beautiful and clean beach... to me, Bondi is somehow nicer!

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We spent about a few hours in Manly, and we were busy shopping! What a must to visit if u guys were ever in Sydney!

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It was autumn and a bit colder than the day before, when we were in Bondi... So cold that we didn't do any beach activities as planned earlier...

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We left Manly just after 4 PM, since by 5.30 it would be totally dark..

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Huhu... I wonder if my mum would wear her baju kurung while travelling... hurmmm sgt patriotik agaknya?? hehe

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From En. Arip;s compact camera..

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Also from the compact...

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Owh, I just luv the sky! It was such a tiring day that we didn't go anywhere after dinner. We were also busy do our packing up, since our flight back to KL was the following midnight... so, we had slept early and planned to do one last city walk the next day...

Here is a short clip of our visit to Manly. Enjoy!


At 9:01 AM, Blogger akupunyahal said...

hayooo so diva pic2 iniewww.. must pay a second visit December nanti.. hari tuh pi malam tak nampak apa2 kecuali jumpa couple mabuk buat sex bawah pokok! matilaa cakap lucah

At 11:25 AM, Blogger ginseng4desoul said...

malim intai orang buat sex??? Mata tak bengkak ker?? hahahaha...memang best shopping kat Corso. Another thing. The pizza there is sooo sedap tau!

At 11:27 AM, Blogger arsaili said...

salam..thanks for singgah...nanti nak belajar tangkap gambar ngan u n expert la u guys

At 12:56 PM, Blogger KaSiH said...

ahahaha malim org tgh ehem2 tu nampak je..tembel mata tu nnti tau la...farhad kasih suka pics from the compact camera x termasuk orgnya...hoh hoh hoh...*gelak keji

At 3:58 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

heard abt Manly but didnt know that it is THE place for cheap souveniers.... lengang jer ekk... macam tak ramai orang kat Corso tuuu... weekedays ekkk? nice pics...

At 9:22 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

Malim - thnx~! huhu, aiyooo next time gi siang ye kalau camtu!

Ginseng- I bantai makan Kebab Halal je kat Manly tu ;)

Asarli -thnx! hehe boleh je, u too thnx for the visit!

kasih - Dengki ler tu~~~ org dalam pic tu nak dibuang sbb u nak ambik pic org tu kan? *matilah

Rush - ha'ah weekend masa tu, ari isnin... u better go there net time kalau ke Sydney lagi. thnx!

At 7:48 PM, Blogger MOLY said...

damn cool !!


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