Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We continued the tour to the small town of Leura at Blue Mountains. We were supposed to spend one hour at Leura. But because the two couples were late for 45 minutes at the Scenic World station, we could only spend 30 minutes in Leura! Haiyohhhh... the whole bus actually got very mad with them! They didn't offer to say sorry to us or to the bus driver! The most annoying fact was, the second couple were Malaysians having migrated there for years! They didn't say sorry, just came aboard the bus as if nothing had happened, In fact, they continued joking among themselves, enjoying their ice cream, laughing and making a complete fool of themselves... Damn these people, especially the wife, damn witch (with a capital B)! So f*&^#$ annoying! And the bus driver was damn right to say that if they do that again (being late) at the next stop, he will leave them behind!!

The funny part was, all of us in the bus suddenly divided into two groups - the tardy group and the punctual group. En Arip and I were in the punctual group; and we stopped talking to those in the tardy group! ;) yelah diorg sendiri pun tak respect org lain kan?

Image hosting by Imageshack.us The road leading to Leura..

Image hosting by Imageshack.us Rent me? If I've got enough money I'll BUY u!

Image hosting by Imageshack.us
I noticed all the houses and shops here were small and cute...they looked like miniatures!

Image hosting by Imageshack.us Bumped into a garage sale conducted by some women's association. I was alone when I entered the hall. As usual, En Arip went on to do his on looking aroung, so we ventured separately... An old lady (about 80 years old) on an arm chair welcomed me so cheerfully... She asked me where I had come from, but I asked her to guess. And she said Singapore? Almost right!!

Image hosting by Imageshack.us I was interested in buying the sitting doll on the left for my niece. So, I asked the old lady how much will it be. Without looking up, she muttered : "You can take it home if you're sure you can take good care of it!" *terus tak jadi beli... mcm seram plak dengar ayat tu LOL

Image hosting by Imageshack.us I really luv this small town...

Image hosting by Imageshack.us Some other shops...

Image hosting by Imageshack.us Christmas cottage, selling christmas supplies all year round..haiyoh.

Image hosting by Imageshack.us Bumped into En Arip!

Image hosting by Imageshack.us Their local people were really nice, too.. The lady in black in the pic above even offered to snap our pic...

Image hosting by Imageshack.us

Image hosting by Imageshack.us

Image hosting by Imageshack.us

Image hosting by Imageshack.us

Image hosting by Imageshack.us
I actually don't like using flash in my photography, but since the surrounding was getting dark, the automatic flash accidentaly switched on by itself... and here is the pic. Not bad, actually!

Here's a clip of what we managed to see in Leura, thanks to those BOZOs... En Arip forgot that his DVDcam was rolling when he said something rather 18SX... You've been warned!

After Leura, we made a stop at the Jamison Lookout. It was already 5 PM and almost dark in this jungle. En. Arip and I decided to stay by the bus and enjoy our packed sandwich, instead of joining the rest at the waterfalls... Jamison Lookout is the other picturesque side of the Blue Mountains... Now I remember why I had lost interest in seeing the waterfalls... that's because by now, my feet were extremely tired! Furthermore, the jungle was getting really dark, too..

We left Jamison Lookout at 5.30 PM in complete darkness! We slept in the bus and reached the city at 7.30 PM, after several stops to drop a few tour members at thier hotel.

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Owhh... it was a tiring but satisfying day! We reached our hotel at 8 PM and at 10 PM, after refreshing ourselves, we had a late dinner at Oporto... owh... I just luv thier fish and chips!


At 7:20 AM, Blogger Malim said...

Ha u pun realise yer umah depa kecik2.. tapi kan panjang ke belakang yer....and usually they will spent most of their time kat backyard bukan di depan... Kalau kat Melbourne ni depan macam umah tinggal *matila ngutuk umah orang... tapi dolls dia sema menakutkan ler... especially yang tunduk tu

At 8:41 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

Hi Malim! ha tu lah comel2 je mcm umah Melaka, tapi kat Luera org2 dia kelihatan suka lepak depan umah nak2 yg atok2 dan nenek2 hehe

Mcm umah tinggal? ha mcm kat kg2 kat gold coast! depan umah mcm tak bepenghuni *matilah ngutuk sama
Yes yg tuduk tu scary ek??

At 12:01 PM, Blogger KaSiH said...

nak la keta kat depan enarip tu..cun..hey tapikan..kasih rasa old lady tu lg scary tau bila dia ckp camtu

At 8:59 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

I pun nak la kereta tu! sayang je tak sampai msia keta tu :(

Sgt Scary mcm terasa dalam pilem hantu mat salleh plak masa tu hehe

At 1:12 PM, Blogger thepretender said...

ade gmbar yg kene sensored??? :p hehe..
anyway, been there last year! mmmg best.. view pon cantik2!!!

At 4:38 AM, Blogger :: NbC :: said...

naper x amik je doll tu Wahdi..?
ala, frust nak baca entry antu.. hahhaha

At 9:44 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

mesti ler kena sensored sebab mengairahkan :P

At 9:45 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

Kak Pinky seram ler ambik , buatnya malam2 dia bagun etc *matilah penakut


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