Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Boomerang, Wenworth Falls, and Lilianfels

Before I begin, I would like to say that all my pics here are shown without any Photoshop editing. I don't like adjusting colours to alter the natural mood of the object or scenery I shoot. All the pics here are a combination of my DSLR and En Arip's little digital compact. See if you could differentiate them ;)

O.k let's continue. We left Featherdale Wilelife Park at about 11 AM, and coutinued with the journey to the Blue Mountains. After a 20-minute drive, the coach later made a stop by a large football field for a boomerang-casting lesson. Yeah!! I finally got to learnt how to throw a boomerang "professionally"... Hehehe.

This was to be a very exciting activity to me! Everyone on the group got their chance to cast the boomerang! Owh... it was not as easy as I thought! At last, I finally succeeded in putting one in flight, perfectly! (After a few tries) ;)

Image hosting by We didn't see anyone on the field just yet, and we just kept on walking...

Image hosting by But the boomerangs were already there waiting for us... Hmmm...

Image hosting by We waited for Mr. Coach to appear.. and waited a bit we did!

Image hosting by Naaaaa... Mr Coach was actually the bus driver himself! Haiyooo! I thought some native aborigine with costumes and all would be teaching us!

Image hosting by The demonstration. OK.. I got it!

Image hosting by Oh! Like that!

Image hosting by En. Arip's first trial! Huhuhu PERFECT :P I didn't have any pics of me throwing the boomerang, since En. Arip was busy recording me on his DVDcam.

Image hosting by The bus drive a.k.a Mr Coach still showing his skills when most of us were already back in the bus! That was kewl!

After spending for almost 40 minutes there, we moved on with the journey! Next stop was for our lunch break, at a rest house in Wenworth Falls. We have been told by the bus driver that for muslim and vegetarian tourists, they do provide vegetarian food. Not bad! Apart from the delicious food, the scenery at the hill-top rest housel was also very nice!

Some sceneries from my coach:
Image hosting by I luv the mural on the bus stop wall!

Image hosting by Owh, cute mini shop!

Image hosting by Imageshack.usA house near the rest house stop.

Image hosting by Just luv the contrast.

OK... here is the rest house. And I told En. Arip, it was like we were going into a 1970s haunted house! Hehehe

Image hosting by

Image hosting by
Nevermind the haunted house feel... the food was great! OMG the rice was so delicious! Sticky, creamy and a little bit raw but really nice aroma... But I had forgotten to snap the pic ;)

Image hosting by Imageshack.usEn Arip also luv the rice so much! See the expression below:

Image hosting by

Image hosting by
While waiting for the others to finish thier lunch, we walked around the rest house.

Image hosting by
Owh, this orange car really caught my attention! What a good subject matter for photography! And I told En Arip to pose with the car! hehe,

The result:

Image hosting by

Image hosting by

We continued our journey after the delicious lunch, and reached the small town of Lilianfels Park, by the Three Sisters Echo Point lookout where a skinny koala mascot was already there to give us hugs! ;)

Image hosting by OMG! Isn't that a Holden?

Image hosting by The skinny koala! Huhuhu...

Image hosting by Man, this koala was skinny but tall!

To be continued ;)


At 10:52 AM, Blogger Malim said...

boomerang tu kalau pandai lontar dia betul2 leh datang balik kan.. and dengarnya kalau dibuat betul2 and dari kayu yang baik ia akan mengeluarkan bunyi yang bagus.. tak tau ler betul ke dak...

At 12:25 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

Ha yes Malim! Aritu i lontar patah balik dgn sempurna ye! *matilah
senang yer nak tangkap balik!

Ha'ah, betul yer...Aritu kuar bunyi, yg dibuat dr plywood.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Banyak Songeh said...

Harus rembat itu koala kannnn! Kekeke. :p

En Arip! Aim betul tak tu! Kang pecahhh plakkk tingkap rumah orang.. Heh! :p

At 10:24 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

hi Nad! hahah kejam ye kalau rembat koala yg comel tu huhuhu

Dia aim tepat lagi perfect!:P

At 12:25 PM, Blogger ezrazlin said...

hey beb! u did it again..bab pic tuh jgn snap la wahahahahaah! koala yg tinggi tuh..bawak dier balik msia ekeke!

At 12:26 PM, Blogger ezrazlin said...

main boomerang tuh..patah balik kat korang tak? haha..

At 12:27 PM, Blogger ezrazlin said...

atau..boomerang tuh patah wahahahahaahahah!

At 1:14 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

Alo bro, hahahaha koala tinggi tu kalau wat balik, hang ye yang bela :P *balingan perfect, patah balik kat tgn ku dgn kemas heheh


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