Monday, July 23, 2007

Nervous and Happy!

Nervous because :

I'm not 100% comfortable yet with the new bike...hehehe
Yeah, it was fun riding the bike, but with its clutch being on the left hand side of the handle always confused me thinking that it's the hand break :D

I went out for dinner on the new bike just a while ago, together with En Arip.... Of course, it was so relaxing biking the bike at night :) Anyway, I'm not ready to ride it to work just yet...

Happy because:

My abg sulung (eldest brother) just got a new baby last Friday... Lucky infant! He was born with a nice number, 20 07 2007!

I and En Arip paid baby and family a visit just after work to see Wafri!Eh! His name sounds like my name, Wahdi hehehe....

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Yeah I was so excited to go out to dinner on the new bike...

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Noir and me ;)

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But sad, we made the wrong choice of food! Chatters, USJ4 was not a good idea... the food was just so-so...

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Last Friday : Uncle Wahdi couldn't wait to see Baby Wafri, heheee...

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En Arip visiting my new workplace on Friday evening... I was really shocked to see he suddenly appear there.. Later, we had dinner and also got some presents from Baby Guess for Baby Wafri... We rushed quickly to the nearest KTM station , took the train, and from the Subang Jaya station, drove our cars to Shah Alam...

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Here is Wafri!!! The 20072007 boy! He was a bundle, at 3.5 kgs...

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Awwww... Isn't he so adorable?

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I'm not done yet with decorating the fresh water aquarium... I have yet to find the desired pebbles for the base of the tank.. Anyhow, the fishes still look happy in the tank... LOL


At 2:17 AM, Blogger MummyHanis said...

wahh..dah bergaya dgn new bike! tunjukkan laa aksi terbangg.. yehaaa! :P hihi..

comelnye wafri tuuuu...dan baik nye uncle2 die belikan baju baby guess..:D nnt anak i pun u kasik adiah gak ek.. tak jauh je Sjmc dr ur place. hheeeeeeeeee :p

At 11:56 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

Aksi terbang?? hehe

Kan, i suka tgk pic Wafri masa menguap tu...u nanti kat SJMC? dekatnya dgn my house hehe..kalau ada time nak gak tgk hariz ;)

At 1:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gambar nombor dua tuuuu pose hadik hadikkkk sesangat. *Matila dapat name card banyak lagi lepas ni*

At 7:58 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

Haruslah ada alasan beli card holder LV lagi dua pasni~lalala


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