Saturday, May 26, 2007


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Tetibalah plak Pakcik rasa nak wat entry dalam bahasa melayu, memandangkan ada pembaca yg request pakcik sesekali wat entry dalam bahasa melayu... Katanya ada feel membaca kalau my entry dalam bahasa melayu. gitew~

Sabtu pagi ni tak wat apa pun, nak kuar breakfast pun malas. Breakfast kat umah aje lah...Masa diluangkan bermain monopoly ngan En Arip, Nilah 1st time ever pakcik main monopoly. Best gak... Merasalah jugak jadi jutawan, jutawan palsu lah~~~LOL

Suddently I felt like writing this entry in my native Malay language, upon requests from several readers who asked that I do so once in a while... They said, they could relate better if the entry is in that language. Oh, well...

I did absolutely nothing this Saturday morning, not really interested in breakfast. Had just a very light one at home... The morning was spent playing the card gake, Monopoly with En Arip. This is the forst time I've ever played Monopoly. It's quite a cool game... At least, I get to feel like a millionaire, although a fake one! LOL

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Money money money~~

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Lia, jgn jeles~ Pakcik dalam proses dapatkan golden tan, ni masih 1st layer~ *tetiba aje

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At 1:21 PM, Blogger iRwan said...

Cantik la gambar monopoly tu.. beta pun suka main benda tu..

At 2:37 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

kan! cantik sgt! *matilah masuk bakul sendiri

next time jom kita fight jadi jutawan kat starbucks hehe


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