Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jangan Pandang Belakang

En Arip and I went to the Curve yesterday to get some massage oil. And while there, we watched the movie "Jangan Pandang Belakang" (Don't Look Back) at Cineleasure. My friends said this movie is worth watching, so I finally decided to watch a Malay movie, my last malay movie being "Puteri Gunung Ledang".

For Jangan Pandang Belakang, I give it a 3-and-half stars, since the ghost effects were not very clean, and the main actress -Intan Ladyana's acting was really, really bad! She plays the role of Suri.

Her acting really sucks...she didn't have the right chemistry in the movie, with really plastic expressions.

Consider this: Her twin sister (Rose) died mysteriously but she (Suri) could still appear so cool, as if nothing had happened? Aren't twins usually close to each other?

In this case, I would prefer Suri to have a boyfriend, and he (the boyfriend) plays the active role in helping Darma (played by Pierre Andre) investigate the mystery behind the death of Rose. Only then, would there be no negative speculation everytime Suri (Intan Ladyana) goes in and out Rose's and Darma's houses. Bear in mind that both Suri and Darma play Muslim characters, and the Malay's sentivity must be protected to a certain extent. They being in those two houses alone, wouldn't that be termed as "khalwat" (close proximity), an offence under Islamic laws? Did the director (Ahmad Idham) point this out to Metrowealth producer David Teoh? Didn't Pierre Andre know that khalwat is an issue? Or are they trying to help the erosion of basic Islamic values and norms?

A funny thing in this movie that needs to be highlighted is this: There is a scene where Suri asked Darma to join her in watching a DVD movie. That particular scene is a BIG shame to the Malaysian film industry!!!

We are so vigourous in campaigning against DVD piracy to safeguard the integrity and sustainability of this fledgling industry, and what do we see in this movie? Suri, while asking Darma to join her, was flipping through a folder of what most OBVIOUSLY was a stack of PIRATED movie DVDs!!! Nobody in his or her right frame of mind would place all ORIGINAL and LEGITIMATE movie DVDs in a cheapo folder like that! People who buy oris (original DVDs) would proudly display them in their cases, smartly organized on a rack! So, bad prop master!!! Bad boy!

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After the movie we went to Marche. This time around I fell in love with the creamy hot and spicy chicken breast and the grilled chicken.

That aside, I was pretty annoyed and dissapointed at the way the order for the grilled chicken was placed. Marche, you MUST do something about the 40-minute wait for my chicken! Did they intentionally delay my grilled chicken so that I bothered myself with picking up other dishes and help their cash register ring more frequent???

I think that was the WHOLE idea! - spend more while waiting for your chicken get prepared! After all, the grilled chicken came at a bargain price of just MYR8.80 (US$2.50!) per half-bird. Marche, now I know your game! Make me wait, in the hope of me picking up other dishes that cost TRIPLE the grilled chicken! That's what you called "promotion"? Sorry, I won't be buying your "promotional" stuff anymore!



At 4:15 AM, Blogger zafi said...

Marche again?

At 9:28 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

Haha Zafi jgn jealous~~~~~

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Walid said...

I suka Marche... Sedap kan! banyak pilihan makanan! Especially the mushroom soup counter!


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