Friday, May 25, 2007


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I took an emergency leave today to attend to my car problem... Got a call from an Alfa Romeo staff yesterday regarding its absorbers. He explained that the hot weather we are experiencing now has affected my gas absorbers... They have not been performing consistently, and under extreme heat, they behaved really bad!

Anyway, I must get a new pot of live roses to place near the bay window in my room...Why?? Because I miss the fresh and authentic smell of roses, especially early in the morning! The last pot I bought has died last week... And before tossing it into the trash bin, I plucked its dried flowers and kept them in a decorative glass container...

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A month ago...

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While looking out the window, I felt it was the right time to get my skin tanned! I like having my skin tanned golden... I've bought a bottle of tanning lotion, but not totally sure if this is a good brand... But the guy from New Urban Male who recommended it to me said that he uses it, too... Well, proven to work on him, so let's see if I get much luck with it! OK, I'm off to sun bathe! Ciao~

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At 12:18 PM, Blogger NBK466 said...

Gituler gamaknya yg HIDUP semua nie..hanya sementara..lain ler bunga plastik..he.he.he..

Den nak tgk ler gambar kete ko nie...kalau nak bagi pinjam sebulan dua pun okey gak..he.he.he..

At 9:49 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

Itulah...yg cantik cuma sementara, tak guna bermegah hehehe

Kalau tgk gambar mesti beli le, den nak jual lah, heheh nak pakai kereta jepun plak :)

At 10:11 AM, Blogger clip said...

assalammualaikum bro
goodmorning to u
have a lovely monday bro

nak beli kete jepun lak ke?
baguslah leh test performance dia

yup cinta pada bunga akan layu akhirnya
cinta pada harta kelak kan musnah binasa akhirnya

smile always

At 2:39 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

Hi clip, morning...

Im always smiling!


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