Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Underwater World

Here are some seashells from our collection. A few more are still in the box as we do not have enough room to display them... Isn't that an excuse to buy a bigger house? Hehehe...
Anyway, I really like the seahorse and starfish collection. I just remembered that I framed up a series of seahorses but don't remember where I had placed it! Anyway, take a look at our seashell collection...

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The one on the left is a cross section of the one on the right.
This one is En Arip's favourite.

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This is my favourite. We had bought this in Miami.

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En Arip's favourite starfish

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I really like the shell on the left... Did you notice the stone age-like print of a mountain on its surface?

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The big one on the right is from Australia

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I on the other hand, like this starfish...

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A seashells print we bought from IKEA. We were so lucky, as this was the last one they had!

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The seahorse in the middle have only a single spinal bone.

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This seashell windchime in my bedroom is totally cool!

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Actually, I used to keep a marine tank about two and a-half feet long.
But all my marine fish always die fast, as they ate very little, especially the angle fish...
Maybe, I was just not good at taking care of them...

This time, I plan to keep a reef aquarium, with lots of live reef and a few couple of fishes, a couple of yellow seahorses as well, maybe... Hopefully, this time I will take better care of them! And I will surely make it like the above, but with more live soft corals... I will surely make it to look like the above aquarium, but with my reef tank by our dining area... Should look nice there!



At 7:05 PM, Blogger zafi said...

i see NEMO in there!
can i have one?
yOU SHOULD bE pRoUd oF YoUr tAlEnT BrO!

At 9:28 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

U can have 2 actually. Hehehe... Nemos are very, very cheap nowadays, about MYR4 each...


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