Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Fine, Rosy Morning...

I woke up a bit late this morning, after a thoroughly deep and quality sleep... Woken up by the smell of roses from the window... Very nice indeed, fragrance of fresh, blossoming roses in my room! I had gone to the neighbourhood hardware shop yesterday to pick up some timber strips for my canvas frame, and accidently bought a pot of beautiful red mini roses from the same place. Ha ha ha... that, shows the feminine side of me, attracted to red roses!

Anyway, I never noticed that the shops around where I live do sell all the art supplies that I need. I bought some timber strips and a piece of canvas
("kain belacu" in Malay) in preparation for my painting. Since I can't find any ready-made 40"x14" stretch canvas, I decided to make one myself. It's cheaper that way, and I get to customize it to my desired measurements. I also got some acryclic paint, undercoat, brushes and I will work on the customized canvas tomorrow. Yeay! I had just completed sketching the layout for my clock painting... Ermmm... I do not wish to make one exactly like the one we saw in Singapore because it would be too straight forward...

I wanted my own idea, my own creation... The clock will be slated in the process flow of the brewing of a cup of esspresso, simplified of course... I can't wait to do the acryclic painting! Tomorrow after work, I will work on the stretch canvas first, and I will share the process here...

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The view of the bay window from my bed... I had put the pot of roses at the left of the window...

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This is the pot of roses... As a former Landscape Designer, I am still very much into live plants, although it's just as an interior showpiece in the house...

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I find this stalk extremely sexy! LOL...

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Hmmm... sweet smell from the roses...

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My painting of the "Jambu Gelas" and "Jambu Ball", on the table... still not completely done... :D

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Rough sketches for the clock painting...

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The final sketch... This is how the final product will look like... I will place the clock next to the coffee plant... I thought of putting it in the center, but that would be cliche, wouldn't it?

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These are the timber strips and canvas for my custom-made stretch canvas... If any of you are interested in learning how to make it, wait for tomorrow's entry, ok?



At 5:41 AM, Blogger zafi said...

roses back to home..
so eerie..
I sent roses and lily to mum on her birthday early April... :)
I like the colors and the smell...
Im not good in drawing... naaah
i still remember did those stuff in primary school... old days..
even i was selected as the best student in arts in Standard 3...LOL
i miss my talent! hahahhaha
keep expressing your ideas and talent k!
keep up a good work!


At 12:37 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

Zaf, apa yg eerie nya? hahaha

eh u try lah cungkil ur talent back..

At 2:02 PM, Blogger gina marna said...

hmm...dah lame jenguk ke cni, br tergerak nak put something... selamat mengembangkan bakat anda yg amat 'cantik' itu.

dulu minat gak melukis & a bit itu dulu lar skrg hampess

err sy pon suke rose yg sexy itu...haha

At 3:58 PM, Blogger wahdi said...

hi gina, kiranya silent reader lah gitu ? thanks for keep visiting my blog! rasanya u gina yg kat blog alam kan?


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