Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ikea’s buffet sucks! (oppss emosi sikit di bulan ramadhan..)

I went to ikea with my brother for breaking of fast this evening…I rushed to my brother’s office after work to pick him up, and we were so lucky, the traffic was not bad and we reached Ikea in 20 minutes (from USJ)...

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Muka kelaparan...

Why did I say Ikea’s buffet sucks? First, their service was so bad! , customers need to queue for abt 15 minutes to get the buffet’s sticker at the main entrance of the café. My bro spoke to their PRO, and asked why the regular items will not be served from the hot kitchen, but she assured him that certain "regular" items (like their Poached Salmon) will actually be featured in the buffet, as advertised on their in-house posters. So, can you blame my bro for queueing up, but was disappointed when the buffet spread was no better than what you’d find on the buffet counter of Hotel Singgahsana (where is that? Well, it’s a small training hotel tucked away behind PJ Hilton)!

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Sticker yg kena pakai, mcm nak masuk babby sitting area lak :)

I knew RM15 for an Ikea buffet sounded too good to be believable... And we were dead right! My bro spent the whole evening cursing Ikea management for resorting to such a desperate way to earn a few extra bucks. He said (and I quote him:) "Does Ikea REALLY have to do this? What about the regular customers who came to eat REAL food? Why had they only allow entry at 6.30 PM, along with non-fasting customers? Can the buffet counter handle the crowd? Ikea is NOT known as a rakyat-for-bargain place, why do they CHEAPEN their restaurant image by allowing the scene to look like a food hand-out counter right out of the movie OLIVER!?" And his most "killer" question: "Whose silly idea was it???"

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Beratur panjang, mcm nak beli ticket wayang...paham2lah bila org Malaysia beratur sure ada yang menyelinap!

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Errr...nama buffet buka puasa, yg nak berbuka pukul 7 masih beratur nak ambik pinggan..yg tak puasa dah kenyang :D

My bro and I looked forward to a quiet “buka puasa” (breaking of fast) like the one we enjoyed last year. But he never thought his impression of Ikea would be dented beyond repairs, just because of this silly buffet idea. Does Ikea really need to organise such a gambit? Ikea’s restaurant is well known for its Swedish offerings, with its customers never complaining about paying slightly more than your regular café. Why did they have to be so desperate to cash in on the buka puasa bandwagon, when I am certain they don’t really need the extra cash… Just for fun? Just to be seen as being supportive of the puasa season? Again, do they REALLY need to do that?

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Ermm...terus hilang mood nak makan, tertipu dgn menu je yg aku ambik,sikit kan?? :P

At the dessert exit, they positioned a restaurant staff and a security guard to prevent customers from beating the entrance queue. Okay, what if I had my hands full and needed just a cup of juice? Queue up for another 5-10 minutes? Does the Ikea management understand the concept of buffet catering? Buffet means the customer (or diner) is allowed free access to the food, restricted only by his own appetite. That goes to show that Ikea wasn’t ready to handle buffet crowd! Had they thought of breaking the buffet spread to two separate areas, reducing the congestion? Don’t forget, the buffet queue was only opened at 6.30 PM, merely 39 minutes to breaking fast, with easily 50-60 people dashing for the spread??? Best thing to happen last night? The press was there, with big names like Haji Borhan (AMP Networks) being there... Of course, free food for the press will definitely shut them up from reporting the bad side of the evening.
* Sorry I sound rude when I complain in Malay....apa?,Sharifah Amani je yg leh ckp camtu???

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Kek coklat yg nampak sedap diluar...but, oh no!! didalam...

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Apa pun, mint Aiskrim nih memang marvelous!...

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O.klah walaupun servis teruk, kualiti makanan diaorg masih bagus...untuk itu keseluruhanya makanan aku bagi:4 bintang...servis:2 setengah bintang...overall feasibility:1


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow u managed to reach ikea in 20 mins !!! not bad .... sorry to hear that you had a bad experience in Ikea......

At 9:40 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

20 minutes bebeh,the driver was really really Hungry :D

At 10:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha ... make way make way ....hungry driver on the road :D

At 10:49 AM, Blogger NBK466 said...

Emmm...nampak lauk cam besh...apa masalah pulak dgn kek sodap yo?

Patut kena beri keutamaan kat org2 Muslim yg nak berbuka. Yg non-muslim ni pun kenkadang hampeh gak..

At 11:49 AM, Blogger wahdi said...

lauk mmg best , berbaloi ngan RM15 inggit yg di bagi kat IKEA :D Cuma kat menu tu ada tulis, swedish punya menu, bila sampai time semua menu tempatan, terang-terangan kena tipu dibulan ramadhan :D

Kek tu tu ada masalah Rasa yg den tak suka...:D


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